Delhi cars will run only 15 days a month

10:38:00 PM

Yes, you got it right! Now, the vehicles in Delhi will run only half the times they used to / can run. And this is all because of stupid pollution.

Delhi government has come out with a radical plan to make Delhi pollution-free. According to the new rule, beginning January 2016, vehicles with odd registration number will ply on one day and vehicles with even registration numbers on the other day.

That means, in a given month, you will only be able to run ply your vehicle effectively for only 15 days. The government has announced this rule, but has said that the details of implementing this rule are being worked out. Though, it has been made clear that Ambulances and public transport vehicles will not come under this rule.

On asking other political parties, mixed responses were received. Some parties welcomed the decision but questioned the practicality of the rule, while others called it ‘anti-people’. Environmentalists have welcomed this ruling.

Our take on this:
  • We appreciate that Delhi’s government has all good intentions to reduce the pollution in Delhi. But what we do not understand is why take steps which impact general population directly? Instead of forcing people to NOT take our their vehicles, they should first strengthen the public transport further. Delhi already has successfully running Metro, but during office hours, they are only AC-more than the Mumbai locals
  • Let’s assume for a moment that it will help reduce pollution. But, what about other industries that will get hit? It may sound weird but this directly impact the Auto industry – as vehicles will run less, they will depreciate slowly. And, slow depreciation means long life and lesser replacement purchase of vehicles. Which, directly impacts automobile sales!
  • How will you penalize? On some roads, there is heck of a traffic during office hours. It becomes crazy and spotting vehicles (with registration numbers not allowed on that day) will be almost impossible. Again, let’s assume it is doable. Then, how about inner roads and streets? How will you control vehicles on the streets? It will cost a bomb to put a traffic police on each and every road
  • Public transport is kept out of it’s ambit. Though a good measure, but does that mean public transport vehicles are all perfect? And, they are NOT responsible for pollution at all? Think again
  • Given the way things work in India, it will only add to exploitation of common people. Though one may not say anything about this, but we all know about it. This rule is like micro-managing the traffic and wherever such micro-level management comes, comes the opportunities of exploitation of common man
We support each and government which tries to resolve general public issues, even it means giving up on some conveniences for long term benefits. But, it is expected from the same governments that they come out with solutions which are practical, effective and thoughtful.

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