Do you know exactly where your husband is?

9:21:00 PM

We are back with one more comic strip – this time it is about the ‘husbands’ (errr, maybe about women). Let’s decide for ourselves.

The other day I overheard 2 women talking. It was quite obvious from their conversation that they were married. They were discussing a very valid social point – ‘How many women know where their husbands are at any given moment!’

It is increasingly becoming a serious issue – and people are really confused whom to blame for this. Is it the husbands’ duty to keep pinging his wife about his whereabouts? Or, is it the wife who should nag her husband every now and then.

Our analysis of this situation says that there should be an app for this. There should be an app which should be automated to ping location of the person to the other person, who is legally bound to know where the person is. Important thing is this has to be a free app. The app makers can add a paid (read: very costly) version which can aow men to manually select the location to be pinged.

But this is for the app lovers and the techno-pundits. What about the general janta?

And, this is how the conversation went while I was overhearing them both –

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