My wife is an Angel

9:14:00 PM

Angel she is!

The other day I was talking to my single friend about how great my wife is. She takes cares so much about me and really looks after me. Getting interested, he asked me how is she an Angel, if she is doing what every wife does.

I could see how suddenly his eyes sparkled – he was curious to know more. It was for the first time, I guess somebody had said such nice words about their wife to him. I was so taken away by his innocent curiosity that I had to tell him how really great my wife is.

Is she Angel?

I kept my hand on his shoulder, gave him a simple smile and took him on a ride in to my marriage life. And explained how was is my Wife an Angel. I told –

My wife really does care about me. She takes care about what food should I eat, the clothes that I should wear, how should I comb my hair and all that. Even if I like to eat non-vegetarian food, she will just not let me eat. I HAVE TO eat vegetarian! After all she loves me!!

Just imagine – she helped me quit smoking, I don’t drink now; late-night parties, hanging out till late, she helped me quit all these ‘bad habits’.

She also ‘knows’ what TV serials I like and she ensures that I can see only these TV programs. Saas-bahu serials, cooking programs, etc. I just can’t miss watching these channels!!

She is ANGEL!!

And somewhere in the dark corner of a bar – two men were discussing the same:

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