Happy Married Life [Hehehe]

8:55:00 PM

The funny thing about marriage is that neither you will live without marrying, not will you stay happily married. If I am lying, ask any single person, how eager he is to get married. If he says ‘no’, he is LYING!!
I didn’t find out what happiness means until I got married… and then it was too late
And for all those who are married (my sympathies) – being single is the lost opportunity.

But why can’t a couple live happily ever after? They can, if they follow these rules:
  • Respect your spouse: The first and the foremost – respect your wife. Even if she beats you like hell, you cannot afford to disrespect her. You can still live with those swollen cheeks, but living without food will be hell lot difficult!
  • Listen Listen and Listen: Whatever you wife says, just listen. If you are not listening to her with focus, she will…
    • understand that you are just not interested in her anymore (and trust me, you don’t want her to know that!)
    • test you someday and will ask you what she said the other day!
    • shut your mouth anyways if you even think of opening it!!
  • Maintain Strong Communication: This is actually not your task. Just let you wife speak shout, as much as she can, on you. This will ensure the communication is ‘strong’ between you both.
  • Make time to do her things and let her also do them: Everyone has some hobby or wants to do something for his own benefit. But you, my dear friend, should give up all these worldly whims. You were born to cater to your wife and that is the only motive you shall live with.
Do you have any advice for married couples err men? Share with us…

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